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Tricks or Treats Halloween Goodies Pail

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It's the time of year when the kids dress up in their Halloween costumes to go out and find those fun Halloween treats. The "Tricks or Treats Halloween Goodies Pail" is the perfect gift to celebrate Halloween with your favorite trick-or-treaters.  Filled with all the delicious candies any kid would love, this goodies pail will be a hit. Buy now while supplies Last!

Tricks or Treats Halloween Goodies Pail includes:

  • Halloween Jack O' Lantern
  • Miniature Halloween Candies:
    • Nestle Crunch
    • Baby Ruth
    • Candy Corn
    • Butterfingers
    • Mini Oreos
    • Three Musketeers
    • Reese's
    • Kit Kat
    • Snickers

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