Delight the coffee aficionados in your life with Canterberry Gifts' exquisite Coffee Gift Baskets. These baskets are a celebration of rich flavors and aromatic bliss, crafted for those who savor their daily brew. From the casual coffee drinker to the espresso expert, our selection caters to all levels of coffee enthusiasts.Read more

  • Chai Delight and Cookie Treat Gift Set

     Introduce a loved one to the comforting embrace of the "Chai Delight and Cookie Treat Gift Set," a luxurious ensemble designed to soothe and invigorate. This gift set is a celebration of the rich and aromatic flavors that chai tea offers, perfectly...
  • Exquisite Coffee Companion Assortment

    Elevate morning rituals with the "Exquisite Coffee Companion Assortment," a gift crate that brings the essence of New England breakfast traditions to any table. This carefully curated collection is designed for those who cherish the harmony of a freshly...
  • Timeless Coffee & Chocolate Indulgence Basket

     Elevate the coffee experience for that special someone with the "Timeless Coffee & Chocolate Indulgence Basket." This exquisite gift basket has been carefully curated to satisfy the cravings of both coffee aficionados and chocolate lovers alike...
  • Gourmet Tea and Snack Assortment

    Indulge the tea enthusiast in your life with the "Gourmet Tea and Snack Assortment," a delightful holiday gift basket crafted for those who cherish the art of tea time. This exquisite set centers around a charming blue ceramic teapot, an elegant staple...
  • Morning Delight Breakfast Set

    Introduce a touch of gourmet elegance to the start of the day with the "Morning Delight Breakfast Set." This thoughtfully assembled wooden breakfast tray is the perfect way to elevate anyone's morning routine. Brimming with a selection of delightful...
  • Tea and Coffee Delight Basket

    Introduce a touch of luxury to someone's day with our Tea and Coffee Delight Basket. This well-curated hamper brings together a delightful mix of indulgence and comfort, making it the ideal gift for any occasion. Sip and savor with a pair of practical...

Our coffee baskets feature a variety of gourmet blends from around the world, each carefully selected to offer a unique tasting experience. These include robust espresso roasts, smooth medium blends, and light, aromatic varieties. Accompanying the coffee are complementary items that enhance the coffee-drinking experience.

We also include a selection of gourmet treats that pair perfectly with a cup of coffee, such as artisan chocolates, biscotti, and flavored syrups, adding a touch of sweetness to balance the rich coffee flavors. For the complete coffee ritual, some baskets may also contain stylish accessories like high-quality mugs, a French press, or a drip coffee maker, making it easy for anyone to brew the perfect cup at home.

Our Coffee Gift Baskets are more than just gifts; they're an invitation to indulge in a ritual that invigorates the senses and enriches daily routines. They are thoughtfully put together to ensure every sip offers warmth and satisfaction.

Choose a Coffee Gift Basket from Canterberry Gifts to express your appreciation and affection. Perfect for birthdays, thank you gifts, or just because, these baskets are sure to impress any coffee lover. Shop now and make their coffee moments extraordinary with a basket filled with curated delights that make each morning a little more special.