Movie Night Gift Baskets

Awards Night Movie Gift Basket


This Movie Awards Basket has everything you need for an entertaining night!  Get it for your own movie awards party, give as a gift or enjoy a pleasurable family night at home with this unique movie basket!  You will find a delicious variety of...


Family Movie Night Gift Basket


To bring the family together for a night of entertainment, sometimes the pot needs to be sweetened or in this case the basket.  The family movie night gift basket is the perfect gift for distant or local family members.   A $10 iTunes gift...


Hollywood Movie Gift Basket


This movie gift basket brings a Hollywood theme to the family room and a $10 iTunes gift card to rent or purchase any movie available in the iTunes library.  This basket highlights the legendary Hollywood sign overlooking the L.A. skyline at night...


Family Flix Movie Gift Box


Let the movie buff in your life choose their own movie tonight! This is the ultimate family movie night gift box. We've included a Redbox Gift card good for six movie rentals paired with enough theater favorite snacks to satisfy your family's...


Movie Night Mania Gift Box w/ $10 Redbox Gift Card


If you are looking to add some extra fun to your movie night experience, then you have found the perfect gift for you and your family. Complete with movie trivia fortune cookies and all the goodies that a movie theater would have without leaving your...


Movie Fest Gift Box w/ $10 Redbox Card


Looking for the perfect gift for all movie lovers. Well look no further than this movie gift box filled with all the delightful treats a movie theater offers in the comfort of home. Whether it's a party or date night this movie theme box should never be...


It's A Red Box Night Gift Box w/ Red Box Gift Card


This movie gift basket will enhance family movie night. Filled with all the treats you can find in the movie theater; this gift basket will not disappoint. These Redbox gifts will keep on giving with a card that is good for 6 movie rentals. Buy now and...


Blockbuster Night Movie Pail w/ $10 Redbox Gift Card


The perfect complement to a movie night or family get together. Enjoy the old time classic Cokes with movie theater popcorn and create those everlasting memories. Buy online today. Blockbuster Night Movie Pail includes: Cracker Jacks Chips A Hoy...


You're a Superstar Movie Gift Box


What can be better than just a plain family movie night?  How about a night complete with a movie basket?   Sweeten up your time on the couch watching your favorite cinematic adventure.   This movie gift is complete with all the...

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What makes a good family movie night gift basket?

A great movie gift will be filled with all the candy one would find at the movie theater. Included with popcorn and a gift card from Redbox these are some of the items essential for the family movie night experience. Let’s not forget all the movie themed baskets to make the occasion even more festive.

What is the best movie gift basket you have?

We have some truly awesome movie gifts. We recommend three baskets in particular: The Movie Night Mania Gift Box, Movie Fest Gift Box and the Family Flix Movie Gift Box. Each of these movie gift ideas will be a big hit with the entire family. Also included with these themed gift baskets is a gift card from Redbox, so you can enjoy the latest hit movie.