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Deeper Than Tears Condolence Gift Basket

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During a time of grief and loss, it's the simple things that hold the greatest significance. A gentle word, a kind gesture, and a heartfelt tribute can make all the difference. That's why we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of sympathy gifts. Imagine sending a real woven basket, brimming with endearing tokens of your genuine care and consideration. From comforting delicacies like Chamberry Truffles, Cranberry Harvest Trail Mix, and Hot Fudge Brownie, to savory delights such as Mediterranean Flatbread Crisps, Smoked Almonds, and Biscoff European Cookies, every item has been carefully chosen to provide solace and support. Alongside these tasteful treats, we include a pillar candle to symbolize the guiding light of love, and a delicate Brie Cheese Spread to offer a moment of quiet indulgence. Your heartfelt message will be gracefully conveyed through these sympathetic offerings, expressing your sincerest condolences. Trust us to deliver a gift that goes beyond words, expressing your unwavering support during a difficult time.

Deeper Than Tears Condolence Gift Basket includes:

  • Brie Cheese Spread
  • Chamberry Truffles
  • Cranberry Harvest Trail Mix
  • Hot Fudge Brownie
  • Mediterranean Flatbread Crisps
  • Pillar Candle
  • Skinny Dipping Pretzels
  • Smoked Almonds
  • Biscoff European Cookies
  • Deeper Than Tears sympathy gift book
  • Dark Stain Tray

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